Drum separator

(SBT-2-XX.XXX-XX TS 28.99.39-001-24616823-2018)

Basic specifications of the separator
Capacity, t/h to 15
Weight, kg to 7500
Rotation speed of the drum, rpm 8-20
Thickness of the sieves, mm 6,8,10
Drive power, kW 7.5
Voltage power, V 380
Frequency, Hz 50
Basic specifications of the working unit (drum)
Diameter of the drum 1800-2300
Drum length, mm 3000-6000
The diameter of the holes, mm 50-100
The simplicity of manufacturing and installation allows to start working directly as soon as possible.
The brush unit allows to clean the surface of the working body directly during the work of the separator.
Easy access for the maintenance during the whole operation period.
Sound pressure levels do not exceed the established limits.