“Ecotech” - technologies for the benefit of the environment

We are glad to welcome You on the website of the LLC «Ecotech»!

We implement customers` business purposes by selecting, developing and manufacturing of specialized technological equipment and lines in the following fields:

  • Sorting and treatment of municipal and industrial wastes
  • Peat treatment
  • Separation of soils, grounds, sand-gravel aggregates, etc.
  • Composting of agro-wastes

We offer:

  • Engineering of lines and delivery of equipment
  • Development of design documentation
  • Industrial design, manufacturing of models and prototypes
  • Conduction of technical audit
  • Development of recommendations for equipment modernization
  • Modelling of physical processes and calculating of workloads
  • Complete reverse-engineering
  • Technical industries consulting
  • Delivery and launch of lines or equipment
  • Service maintenance
About company



Our company develops working drawings in accordance with approved customer`s specifications. All projects and documentation are carried out in specialized programs by design department satisfying all the requirements of ESKD. Drafting and products manufacturing process is carried out with considering for all the customer`s requirements and is made by our specialists as soon as possible. We have the experience in foreign drawings adaptation. We practice reverse engineering.