Sorting module for secondary sieving of limestone wastes


Technological line equipment for limestone wastes recycling, also technological scheme of recycling process, the project of equipment placement and 3D model of the complex were developed by the engineering centre of LLC "Ecotech" in accordance with annual capacity of 300 thousand tons yearly, with a high level of automation.

Basic technical specifications of the complex.

Initial material for recycling Limestone with clay content = 30%
Initial fraction 0-20 mm
Maximum possible fraction ≤ 40 мм
Moisture ≤22%
Specific weight 2,4 – 2,6 t\m³
Bulk weight (average value): 1,67 t\m³
Strength ≤ 126 MPa
Flakiness ≤ 3%
Capacity of the complex 300 thousand tons
Equipment consumption efficiency coefficient 0.75
Productivity (required) 170 t/h
Operating parameters of the complex Open area, t°= -40°C - +40°C
Energy supply Three-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz
Enriched fraction | categories State Standard 8267-93
Final product outlet, fraction 5-20 mm 25-35 %
Stock volume of final products ≥40 m³ as a percentage of enriched fractions

List of items included in the complexс

  1. Receiving bunker with support metal constructions.
  2. Plate feeder
  3. Drum separator DS-2-32.12.400-01
  4. Set of belt conveyors
  5. Conveyor weigher Bergheim CWT-1000